Welcome to my website. 

I’m Surili Guptaa, a holistic practitioner of alternative healing and wellness therapies based in Juhu Mumbai.

I provide help with various issues and  challenges in life…be it emotional, mental, physical, psychological, relationship related, anxiety, stress, over weight, pain, childhood issues, sleep problems, smoking de-addiction, past life regression, negative energy clearing, space clearing, chakra balancing, and others.

You can contact me if you or your loved ones need any help.  🙏

SSURILI GUPTAA therapist and healer pic
Surili Guptaa


Please click the images below to learn more about

  • Lama Fera Workshop being help in New Delhi by Surili Guptaa, Master Lama Fera Teacher
  • View the recent Group Sound Healing Meditation workshop done at Muni International School in New Delhi.


All the wellness therapies and healings are personally done by me. I conduct workshops outside Mumbai also.