About Surili Guptaa

Surili Guptaa, an MBA (Finance), is a specialist in organising and planning International level Business conferences and seminars. She has successfully hosted and managed business events both as organiser and as master of ceremonies for more than a decade.

She started her journey as a healer while going through an extremely challenging phase of her life when she started looking for ways of healing herself and her life.

In the process she started experiencing the benefits of alternative healings through her own healing, and developed a deep desire to heal others the same way. She began exploring and learning different healing modalities and within a short span of time she started practising as a spiritual and energy healer, counsellor and wellness therapist.

Surili is a deeply compassionate and sensitive healer believing in a holistic approach. She is a teacher for Lama Fera and Munay-ki Rites, and also practices other healing modalities such as Sound Healing, Access Bars, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Vaastu and Space Healing and Energy Clearing, Signature Analysis, Numerology, Astrology, Reiki etc. You can read some of the training which Surili Gupta has received over the years by going to Certificates Page.

Apart from this Surili is also trained singer,  poet,  business events anchor, stock market enthusiast, and a volunteer with Isha Foundation. 

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