SELF HELP tips for Well-being of Senior Citizens

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Spiritual and Energy Healing works on mental, physical, emotional problems, balances chakras, removes blockages and negativity, and works on the spiritual root causes of problems to cure the symptoms.

Some daily SELF HELP tips for Well-being of Senior Citizens :
1) Daily Meditation even if done for 10 minutes by focusing your eyes on one spot while playing mantras softly  in the background.
2) Chanting Mantras daily. Could be 108 times. It brings positive energy.
3) Salt Healing by daily dipping your feet in warm rock salt or crystalline salt water which helps to release negative emotions.
4) Spend time in nature to fill you with positive vibration.
5) Find a purpose in Life that makes you happy. Could be simple things like bringing a smile to someone everyday.
6) Focus on the positive things in life. They make life worth living.
7) Do something you love to do. This will bring you joy.
8) Gratitude – Maintain a daily dairy in which you write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday.

Talk on Energy Healing Tips by Surili G at Naraina Vihar, New Delhi

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